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meet the owners of simply barre


BWDSC_0294_copy1Erin Dickman

Studio Owner


Erin was raised with a passion for gymnastics and dance. Erin spent her youth performing gymnastics competitively, and carried that interest for physical fitness over into her adult life. After college, Erin moved to Vermont and maintained an active lifestyle; hiking, teaching skiing and discovered a love for yoga. 


After moving Boston, a busy work schedule and a desire to remain active forced Erin to seek out an effective total body workout that made the most of her limited time. Erin discovered barre classes in the suburbs of Boston and was immediately hooked.  She became passionate about the incredible, lengthening impact that barre classes had on her body, and also for the physical and mental strength the classes provided to manage the stress of a challenging career. From her barre exercise experience, study of kinesiology and focus on a healthy lifestyle, Erin is excited to be a co-founder of the Simply Barre team.





Carolyn Hebel, Simply BarreCarolyn Hebel

Studio Owner


Carolyn discovered gymnastics while watching the Summer Olympics. Fascinated by the girls who twisted and flipped all over, Carolyn became determined to learn how to twist and flip herself. She asked for extra help in gym and practiced in her front and back yards. Ultimately, Carolyn made intramural and competitive gymnastic teams through her first year of college.

After college and law school, Carolyn started weight and cardio training, hiking, biking, power walking and skiing to maintain her physical health and strength. What started off as a girl watching Olympians, fitness became a larger part of her life as she encountered bone density issues and improved bone health because of the physicality of her training regimens. Simply Barre's low-impact routines are especially helpful for those with bone density issues while it strengthens, tones, and increases flexibility.

In 2003, Carolyn met Erin as "newbie" ski instructors at Killington. After Erin's move to Boston, it became obvious that Erin's "new" physical regimen worked as she was more toned, flexible and stronger than ever. When Erin's passion led her to develop Simply Barre, Carolyn was totally on board to participate.