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meet the instructors of simply barre


IMG_0553_copyKaren, Lead Instructor 

Karen found her way to her first Barre class in 2013 as a way to recreate the childhood nostalgia of years of ballet classes. What she found; however, was a place where she could truly be present in each musical beat, body movement, and heart sound. Karen embraces the idea of helping her students find their own joyful movement while accepting and loving the body they are in. Her passion for her own body acceptance is what drives her to be a part of others' healthy living journeys. For Karen, it is an incredible opportunity to be a part of the day that you chose as part of taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. Meet her at the barre, where all you need is a willingness to listen to your own body and the desire to groove to whatever music is playing!


Catyn' love affair with barre began only a short time ago when she was told she "probably wouldn't be good at it because she was never a dancer." Given her Italian and Portuguese heritage, stubbornness flows naturally through her blood, and thereafter she was determined to master the art of the "pretzel".  In her spare time, Catyn likes to travel (30 countries and counting), hang out with her pups Fred and Lola, root for the Bruins and sing 90's rap songs at any and all karaoke bars.


Erica grew up in Medfield and began dancing at the age of 5. She competed in dance throughout school and during college she became the Vice President of the Providence College Dance Company. Once Erica graduated, she wanted to find a class that would help her stay in shape and maintain flexibility. About a year ago, she tried her first barre class and knew she found the perfect exercise for her body and 10 months later she became a certified barre instructor. 

Erica is excited to share her passion for barre with her students and hopes they will leave each class feeling strong and fulfilled!


Frances grew up in Boston and maintains an active lifestyle. She first started barre classes two years ago and is very excited to be an instructor at Simply Barre. She loves to take classes and is excited to share her enthusiasm for barre with the clients. Frances loves to run and has completed several marathons, including the Boston Marathon. She is a big Boston sports fan and loves being in Southie. 


Lonnie is a Northern California native, based in Boston. She is a dancer, dance educator and movement enthusiast. Lonnie is very excited to balance her dance career with teaching at Simply Barre. Three years ago she took her first Barre class and enjoyed how complimentary the workout was to her dance training. She has enjoyed the musical, detailed and intense classes since! Lonnie graduated from the Boston Conservatory with a BFA in Dance. She currently teaches students at the School of Classical Ballet and Pembroke School of Performing Arts. She performs regularly with Jean Appolon Dance Expressions and Prometheus Dance for her 7th season with the company. Additionally, she is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor.   
                                             Lonnie looks forward to sharing her passion for movement and fitness with every class taught!

Headshot 2_copy_copySophia

Sophia is native Texan who relocated to Boston in 2013. She began dancing at a very young age and thought that part of her life was over when an injury forced her to away her ballet slippers. She was beyond thrilled to discover that she was wrong after taking her first Barre class in 2013. She fell head over heels! She discovered Barre was not only a place to tone and shape herself physically but also mentally and emotionally. Sophia says that Barre has taught her what it means to be present, the importance of taking time for herself and how to find gratitude for the body she was given. quite simply, she believes Barre pushes you to be the very best version of yourself. She began instructing in 2014 in South Boston and after taking some time off due to surgery, is ecstatic to join the Simply Barre Team. Sophia welcomes                                              all levels of Barre babes (and bros) to her class and will challenge you to push yourself more (even if just a                                               little bit) every day.