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Happy Wednesday!! Well & Good recently posted a great article " 7 barre class mistakes you may be making in class (and how to correct them.)" This article is spot on and a great read for anyone who attends barre classes! Click the link below to read!!


Below is a list of other common mistakes to try and avoid when coming in for class!

1. Immediately dropping to your knees for pushups. Try to do at least one push up on your toes every class and if needed then come to your knees to finish! You are stronger than you think!

barre warm up
2. Not allowing yourself to take a break during class! These exercises are intense! Remember it is better to have good form, come out of the exercise for a quick break, and then get back into it rather than staying in the exercise then entire time with incorrect form!

break during class
3. Not asking questions! Barre can be confusing, and speaking with the teacher after class for a few minutes can usually clear up any questions you may have and help you understand the technique! We love to chat about barre, we teach it because we love it! So feel free to ask us anything that you may be second guessing! 

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