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Barre Beats

Music is what drives you and what gets you through a barre class so we thought we would share some of the songs we have on our recent playlists!! 

Becca - "Baby One More Time" (Davidson Ospina 2005 mix) - Britney Spears
            -"Doin it Well" -Jennifer Lopezj. lo

Frances - " BYE BYE BYE/ I Want It That Way" Glee cast version 
           - "Gone Gone Gone" Power Trip Extended Mix

Erica- " On My Mind" (Jax Jones Remix) - Ellie Goulding
       - "Leaving You" (Feat. Michael S.) - Audienellie

Dorothy - "I Can't Stop Drinking About You" Chainsmokers Remix
            - "Sweet Child O Mine" - Guns & Roses
guns and roses

Julie - "Run The Show" ( Johnny Vicious Remix) - Kat Deluna 
       - "Here Come The Sun" - The Beatles

Ashley - "Should Have Been Us" ( Lost Kings Remix) - Tori Kelly

          - "Baby" (Acoustic) - Justin Bieber
j. bieb_copy

Karen - "Out of the Woods" -Taylor Swift
- "Addicted To A Memory " - Zedd
         tay swift