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 Hello everyone! I was inspired to write this post after my deep tissue (so painful) massage last week. The masseuse spoke with me after the massage about how tight I was and also about how much lactic acid I had built up in my body. She informed me that because I do workout and stretch regularly she would assume my water intake is to low. Water is essential in flushing out the lactic acid that you build up after a workout! This past week I have increased my water intake and have noticed such a difference! I would recommend everyone who comes in for class try to up their water intake and also do some additional stretching and foam rolling at home to help your body with the recovery process after class! We always have water for purchase in the studio for $1.00 and also sell reusable water bottles! Below I have posted a great article from MindBodyGreen on the benefits of drinking water and suggest everyone make it a conscious effort to try and costume more water!!