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How to become a Barre Pro

We all know barre is addicting and an incredible workout, but how can you take full advantage and become a pro? Here are some tips!

1. SOCKS- We don't care what color or what kind but always have socks for class! Socks prevent slipping during class and are more sanitary than going bare foot. A barre pro usually has an extra pair of socks packed away in her barre bag or in her desk at work but if you ever forget we have them for sale in the studio! Ps.. VIP members get a free pair of socks!

2. Be early and stay until the end of class- We understand that occasionally the T runs late or you get stuck at work a little later then usual but for the most part please arrive early for class and stay until the end. Arriving a few minutes early allows you time to speak with the instructor about any injuries you may have, grab your equipment, pick out a perfect spot in the studio and a moment to leave "life" at the door and start to make the "mind body connection." This is your hour to focus on you. Leaving before the end of class is not only a distraction to the class and teacher but your missing out on a core element of class. In barre we stretch after working each large muscle group to promote longer and leaner muscles. If your looking to get that long lean barre body, we suggest staying until the very end of class!

3. Don't be nervous- This is your hour to focus on you and only you! Try not to pay attention to those around you. Close your eyes in class, listen to the teachers cues and let the music take you through!!

4.Learn to love the SHAKE- I am sure you have all heard your teacher say "shaking means your changing" and it's true! In barre you work your muscles to fatigue so that shake means you are on the right path! Remember your legs are not giving out, your head is giving up.. keep going!

5. Take class when you are sore- Sounds crazy I know, but you will end feeling better after the class and will be proud of yourself for pushing through! Trust us!

6. Invest in a foam roller- Foam rolling is a perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle! It's like a deep tissue massage in all the right places! We suggest foam rolling every night after barre!

7. Get on a schedule and STICK TO IT!- Hold yourself accountable! On Sunday schedule your classes for the week. To see the best results get into 3-5 classes a week!

With these tips you will be a PRO in not time! See you at the Barre!

barre pro pic.