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to tuck or not to tuck?

In the world of barre, the term 'pelvic tuck' or 'tuck' is heard in every barre class from coast to coast. So, what exactly is a 'tuck'?  The better question is what does a 'tuck' do for your barre workout?

When done properly, a pelvic tuck lengthens your spine and engages a balance of abdominal, core and glute muscles--three benefits in one simple movement. Yay! This part of what makes barre exercise so efficient.

Tips to Tuck....

Less is more....this is a tiny movement. Barely visible. Not a thrust of the hips! You shouldn't look like you are riding a horse--or anything else for that matter! The movement comes from muscle activation while exhaling and pulling the abs in and up--not from clenching your seat muscles.

Think about lengthening your spine, reaching your tail bone away from the crown of your head....or having a 'heavy tailbone' with energy moving in a vertical line rather than thrusting your hips forward. Save that move for the dance floor!